Friday, March 25, 2011

cafeteria food

School cafeteria has really been jazzed up since I was in elementary school! Some of my coworkers would NEVER eat the cafeteria food, and I don't love to have it everyday, but there are some days where I really have NOTHING to take for lunch. On those days, I'll go over to the cafeteria and have what my kiddos are having! I get to choose from two "main dishes" and then I get to choose the fruits and veggies from the "salad bar"! It's so cute to see the kids grabbing their own fruits and veggies from the salad bar with the huge tongs!

Today's lunch - Soft taco! The mysterious red meat kind of freaks me out, but I made sure to put pile on the lettuce to hide it!

Also from the salad bar, pico de gallo! Yum! Yum!

Of course, I have to have something spicy! Some fiery jalepenos! Along with a tiny banana!

Yes, that's a spinach salad! Many of my kids didn't grab this off the salad bar, but I'm sure if it was smothered in ranch, they'd love it! Thank goodness it wasn't! Just a simple light dressing, with pears and cranberries!

All washed down with a baggie of milk! Yes, a baggie! Milk "bags" are more affordable and have less waste than a milk "carton", so they say. My kiddos are so good at piercing the baggie with their straws! I'll sometimes do it for them, and I'll pierce through the bag AND the styrofoam plate! What a mess!

School lunch ain't so bad!


  1. since when do you eat lettuce AND drink milk??

  2. ummm... YOUR school's lunch "ain't so bad!" ours is a different story! one word: blech!

  3. That is such a cute lunch and an amazing selection for school kids! Maybe minus the taco meat. ;)

  4. Lol @ Jenny's comment! Dude, I didn't know elementary meals were so fancy.

  5. Dang. that is good cafeteria food!