Monday, April 11, 2011

pheGNOMEnal vacation: day three

By the time day three rolled around, we were exhausted! We slept in til about noon and then our sightseeing/eating adventure continued!

Right around the corner from the hotel is the Museum of Biblical Art!
John was so excited... but too bad it's closed on Monday's! Boo!

While Nick was at work, we started off by having Shake Shack. Nick was talking about this place from day 1 and I swear, said "You have to eat Shake Shack!" a gazillion times.


In 'n Out > Shake Shack. Sorry. But it is. Some would say that you can't compare the two... but you totally can. And In'n Out's still better :)

After brunch, we met up Nick again and got to wander around Soho for a bit more. There was a HUGE Scholastic store (only one in the world)! So fun! Shopped around and took advantage of the 25% teacher discount.

Then out to Chinatown! Even though I was super full, I couldn't say no to ice cream!
They had some interesting flavors... Nick and I shared the lychee flavor. So yum!

Then around the corner for some soup dumplings!
Nick taught us how to eat these goodies! First, pick up the dumpling with the tongs out of bamboo steamer. Next, place it on your spoon and top it with some soy sauce and hot sauce. After that, take a tiny bite of the dumpling and slurp out the soup. Then, devour the rest!




After just staring at the lights for a while, we stood around and debated if we should go eat Japanese ramen. We decided to be fatties.


We worked up an appetite while waiting 30 minutes to be seated in the tiny restaurant. At 9:30 we were able to enjoy some delicious ramen while listening to some awesome 90's R&B jams.

After dinner, we said goodbye to Nick and went back to our hotel to rest up for the long bus ride to Washington DC the following morning. Stay tuned!


  1. I keep thinking mr. Gnome is doing the pledge of allegiance ..what a patriotic little fellow. our video is on mybridestory

  2. gasp...shake shack is the best!!!

  3. aww.. this reminds me of the time when you came to visit me in DC... and we went to the White House! LoL