Monday, May 2, 2011

boy? or girl?

How crazy is this... My best friends have the same due date! Ruby will be giving birth to her 4th, but for Ellen, this is her first. To celebrate I thought we should have a SEX PARTY! I thought I was super clever, but after doing some research for Saturday's get together, gender reveal parties are all the craze these days!

It was a great time to just hang with friends and have a low key night. I love my dear friends! We've celebrated many many many birthdays, high school graduations, college graduations, weddings, and now BABIES!!!!!

The beautiful momma to be!

The Turins were nice enough to let me bake up some goodies for the big reveal. They're having a ............

Photo 175
a girl! We celebrated with cookies galore! Can you see the pink ball at the bottom right?

I found a great recipe for cake ball stuffed cookies! Just brilliant!

I'm so happy Johnny and I get to be aunties and uncles to another baby! We love you Turins! We can't wait to meet baby girl Turin.


  1. ahh!!!! a girl!!!! so fun!!!! i wonder what i am having?!!!! next week we find out, but aren't telling!!!! ;) so excited!!!

  2. the same due date?! how fun! and a gender reveal party sounds like fun..such a good idea :)

  3. My head is so big. And it's not just because I'm closer to the camera. It's just big...