Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nightly walks with my man

When Johnny and I were "just friends," living 10 houses apart, we would go for nightly walks. This would be our time to just catch up, chat about our day, and share prayer requests. Through these walks we were able to go from, "just church friends" to something a little more.

4 years later, by God's grace, we are now married and living on the same block as we did when we were just friends. We now go on nightly walks, hand in hand, as husband and wife. And I just love it! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE IT!

Tonight, John and I threw on our college sweaters and enjoyed our nice brisk walk (at 9pm).

Photo 179

And God-willing, we will be able to go for walks every night for many more years to come! Let's hope our beat up college sweaters last that long.


  1. UCLA>CSUF. Just kidding, I have no school spirit.

  2. Yea since either one of you guys have NO school spirit, I think you guys should wear the WISCONSIN shirt together... =)

  3. john's neck looks kind of skinny.

  4. @Jenny: no lie - nightly. That explains the skinny neck :)