Sunday, June 26, 2011

saying goodbye

When I was in 7th grade, my parents dragged me to a small church in Rowland Heights. I have been at that church for the last 16 or so years and have seen God do amazing things. I have had the privilege serving as a teacher, made amazing friends over the years, and even better, I met Johnny there and got married there! With so many memories and attachment to the church, Johnny and I had to make an awfully hard decision to leave the church. A decision that was not made easily, but done with much prayer and counseling from those we trusted.

I've sat in the back for the last 4 years, listening and learning from my husband's sermons. Each week, I saw how much he prayed and prepared for his messages, listened as he shared the gospel week in and week out, and most importantly saw that he practiced what he preached. As we said goodbye this week, I had to capture a picture of him up there for the last time.


When my family first arrived at this church, this little boy was wearing diapers and learning how to walk. The first year I taught Sunday school, he - along with a few other boys - were in my first grade class. I find it pretty insane that they are now high school graduates. It makes me feel insanely old.


It's not easy saying bye so I was quite happy we got to spend the whole day hanging out with friends and the kids! We celebrated the high school seniors with a ceremony and a dinner after. Plenty of time to chat and say bye!

For our going away present, this sweetheart made us these amazing cakepops! Too cute to eat!

Picnik collage

It's crazy how much they've grown. From little kids in my Sunday school class to amazing young men & women.


*Side note: Doesn't my person look so handsome with his bowtie?!


They like to harass John.


Take a look at all 50 of our kids! We don't need babies when we have 50 teenage kids!


The hardest part, for me, about leaving this church is not being able to see these people every week. They are our family. I can't even put into words how grateful I am to have them in our lives. Shout out to Hanna, fellow blogger!


On that note, I will leave you all with a fun video produced by the most Abe-ilicious guy I know. Remember him?


  1. finally you make an appearance at the end of the video! and dude... i never noticed how much john sounds like a chipmunk! jer 29:11

  2. Hello there! I found you through cakies. If you don't mind me asking, how come you decided to leave your parish, and which parish will you be joining? If it's too personal, just forget I asked :]


  3. aw... I also remember John as a 7th grade and also as a Youth group praise band leader.. one of the best of course. will keep you guys in my prayers, congrats on your accomplishments at the church and here's to many more!!!


  4. What a bittersweet post...God has so many wonderful things planned for you and John! <3 Love love you guys and praying for you from Korea.

    ...Hanna has a blog?! I need to keep up better with my blog-following!

  5. love you both dearly...Philippians 1:3-11