Thursday, July 21, 2011

kim, carrier, park vacation

Our first family vacation with the (new) husbands! Thanks to my bro-in-law, we stayed at an amazing house out in La Quinta for the weekend. It was so nice to just chill, swim, eat tons, and work on my (non existent) tan!

Of course, our traveling friend, Gnomie joined in on the fun! See if you can spot him in some of the pictures below.

My mom gets awful motion sickness when sitting as a passenger (even in 2 minute drives down the street). So she has to drive everywhere. My dad is a major pro at sitting in the passenger seat; we grew up with our mom driving us everywhere, even the longs drives to a different state.

Gardena to La Quinta isn't very far, but when my mom's driving, it feel likes a life time! Oh my gahhhh! But, we knew we were getting closer to our final destination when the temperature started to rise and we were passing the solar fans in Palm Springs.

This sums up my weekend. I am slightly darker, but it doesn't look like I got any darker when I stand next to the younger sis. It's insane how dark she is. (I spy bro-in-law lounging in the background.)

Just some breakfast items... When we were little girls, my mom would cut up our apples into "rabbits". I said that in passing as she was washing the fruit, and she cut them up just like she used to do when we were in elementary school!



Mimosas! Yum. Yum. Yum.

Even though I was outside quite a bit, John and I spent a lot of time indoors. We would choose to stay inside and hang out rather than be active and adventurous any day! Another reason we are perfect for each other. We're boring. And we love it!

We stayed indoors and played lots of speed scrabble! I like playing scrabble. I LOVE playing speed scrabble.


Totally opposite from me, my sisters love being outdoors. I don't understand how we all came out of the same womb and we're so different. Our family vacations over the years have become quite stressful for me because they want to do everything and anything outdoors... I, other hand, would rather stay in and read. Now that I have Johnny, we both can be Lazy Mclazy to-geh-zer. I like having a chilling partner. :)




We, of course, had to have some Korean BBQ, or as Koreans call, just BBQ. Call me crazy, but I'm not a big fan of kalbi. Gasp. I know.

Last day in La Quinta started with a family breakfast (way too early for me), then to a small church John found for time to hear God's word.


The rest of the day was spent watching the women's World Cup Finals. What an amazing win for Japan!




Seesters. Love them, but sometimes you wanna just punch 'em in the face, ya know what I mean?!

I forgot to pack my gorillapod. BOOO!!! This is what happens when you try to balance a slim camera on a car roof....

IMG_3357 get a horribly positioned family picture. Everything about this photo is just off! But, oddly, I like it! It was WAY too hot to stand out there and try to get another one.

Oh, how I love summer!


  1. i love summer!
    i love that last photo! (i, too, understand the whole situation of balancing cameras onto other things, not gorilla pods... haha!)
    i love all that fruit and how your mom cut the apples- cute! :)
    i love vacation! :)
    i love sisters! (esp those that come in threes!)

  2. your bro-in-law is hoooooot.

  3. yea... agree with Jem Jemmy- tried to go on her site. lol

    i want to eat all of your mom's fruits. YUM...

  4. calm down people. Jenny's blog link works now!