Thursday, July 14, 2011

our humble abode - part 1

When John and I got married and moved in together, we had NO furniture. I was still living with my parents and I did not want to bring my old stuff with me. Since I have never decorated a house before, I had no idea where to start. Thank goodness our house is super small I didn't have to worry about decorating too much space!

Our house includes a mixture of new items bought as newlyweds, furniture taken from my parents, goodies found at yard sales, treasures bought at flea markets and antique shops - and my personal favorite, unwanted things collected from my work.

A few years ago, I saw that a coworker had put a couple roll-down maps in the "garbage" section of the staff lounge, and I immediately called the BFF. She, of course, said I had to take it home, so I managed to fit two super tall maps in my little Mini. Two of them! Who would want to throw these amazing things away?! Here's one of them below hanging in our living room.


After almost 2 years of hesitation, I (and when I say "I", I really mean John) finally got the old old old world map up. I was unsure about putting it on the wall facing the front door in fear that it would make our tiny house appear even tinier - if that's even possible!

The red bench you see below was bought at this antique shop. It is an old kid's toy bench. But, it works as a shelf for now. I want to switch that out for some nice old crates. We'll see if and when that actually happens.

On the bench is a nicely weathered globe, it too is outdated. A different co-worker didn't want it, so with permission, I brought it home. Also on that bench are three adorabley colored chapter books. A teacher was retiring and those books were in the "trash" pile. WHY?! It is a great stand for my little tiny black board. John and I usually write little notes to each other on it. I love it! Next to that are some left-over mason jars from our wedding. One collects all our ticket stubs... (we're movie nuts), the other jar collects our change.

Our house may be tiny, but it is sure filled with weird things and most importantly love. <3


  1. I've always loved maps as decor in a home. Your's look so great! I love your style.

  2. Mrsink - Thank you! Aren't maps great?!

  3. I love all the detail of one tiny spot of your house! I really want to get a map to put up too.