Friday, September 2, 2011

friday date night


After a long week of working I needed a date night! I just wish I wasn't as tired as I was... I seriously felt like a zombie. John was chatting away at dinner (at our favorite spot) and I was snoozing with my eyes open! After that, I really wanted to go home to sleep but we've been waiting for the movie Our Idiot Brother to come out! (Great movie, btw. Paul Rudd is awesomeness.)

Watching movies at the theatre has become ridiculously expensive, but we LOVE our movies! So, it helps when friends "sponsor" date nights by giving you gift certificates! So blessed to have such generous friends. Thank you, Chai Chai!!!!

What a great end to an exhausting week! And even better, it's a 3 day weekend!


  1. yaaaay for date night + shabushabu! we love ssg shabushabu!

  2. we haven't been to the movies in ages!!! seriously. next one will be breaking dawn!!!! YAY!!!