Sunday, October 9, 2011

half marathon champions!

Yup! Champions! Anyone that can run 13.1 miles is a champion in my book! My brother-in-law, little sister, and husband ran (and finished) the Long Beach half-marathon. I am so proud of them! I am also proud of my older sister and me. Standing around and waiting to see these runners is major hard work!

Saturday, I tagged along as the sister and the husband went to pick up their running bib and other goodies.




I wanted to fit in with all the runners, so I wore my bro in law's bag like it was my own. Totally being a poser.



Sunday - The day started early for the runners. John got up super early to get ready, drink his coffee, and eat enough, part of his running regiment. The 3 of them left super early and my older sister and I slept in and left a few hours after them. The next time we saw them was at the finish line!

I stood by the fence for over an hour looking for John and Jenny. It was so much fun to people watch, the time flew by! I even got to see my high school buddy run to the finish line! When I did see John and Jenny, I was so excited, the only picture I got was a lame unfocused picture.


But if you zoom in, you can see the awesome-ness of this picture. Jenny looks angry and John looks like a dinosaur with his hands out like that! ... and I have no idea who the lady was.


THE CHAMPIONS!!!!! So proud of them.


Esther unni and I are super supportive and proud older sisters. Even if we were texting and calling Jenny the entire time to hurry and hustle to the finish line!


The Carriers.


So proud of my hubby!!!!!! I watched as he committed to training for the past few months and going out for crazy runs, watching what he was eating, and shedding a few pounds. I think I was more excited for the race day than he was!


Under his running number, you can see 4102010. He personalized his running bib with our wedding anniversary! I was so surprised and so was he! Because he registered for the race months ago, he had forgotten that he personalized his bib so he was sitting there saying, "Man, I wish I had personalized my bib." But he did! Gah! I love him. :)

We celebrated the champions with a huge Korean feast for lunch! After a quick nap, we headed off to an evening service at Pacific Crossroads Church. For dinner, John decided he wanted In-n-Out. A TRIPLE MEAT burger (BUT, with no cheese). Insane. I guess after running 13.1 miles, he deserves a crazy burger!

Phew! Off to bed I go now. So tired. Walking the mile from the race course to the car wiped me out! :) Good night!


  1. Thank you SO much for zooming in on that picture of me looking like I'm a T-Rex chasing after Jenny... with a creepy smile on my face.

  2. Hahaha Linda you're too funny! John did look like a dino and your walk was pretty crazy, LOL!

    Missed you guys today, but hope your time at Pacific CrossRoads Church was encouraging :)

  3. i had all-you-can-eat sushi for dinner. i think i deserved it.

  4. How fun! Congratulations to them on the race!!!
    xo, Dawn

  5. Frances - John, my dino! hahaha! We'll see you at church this week, for sure!

  6. Dawn - Thanks! He's caught the marathon bug now! He wants to train for the full LA marathon. CRAZY!!!

  7. HAHAHA John's dino picture cracked me up!!! Congrats John!