Thursday, December 22, 2011

family night

Every year, John and I drive out to a small neighborhood in Torrance to see the crazy Christmas lights! We've been going together since we were "just friends" and this year we thought it'd be something the whole family could enjoy.

For years I thought it was called Candy Cane Lane, but just found out this year that it's called Sleepy Hollow! Doesn't that sound like a creepy name for a such a fun festive place?! Whatever. It's like Candy Cane Lane's little brother. If you're in the South Bay area, you've gotta check it out!


Everyone is walking around, people are selling popcorn and other goodies, there's Christmas music playing, it's just awesomeness for 2 or 3 blocks. Since we were all piled in my mom's SUV, we cruised down the street, took a few photos, and off we went for our continued search for Rite Aid's or Thrifty peppermint ice cream.

NO JOKE, it is the best ice cream in zee world. Thrifty peppermint ice cream is not like any other peppermint ice cream! All other brands flavor the ice cream with peppermint extract and the ice cream is unnaturally pink. But not Thrifty! It is seriously a ten.

Totally sad that not a single Rite Aid in my area has it. So I had to stick with the second best ice cream flavor, cookies and cream!


When my bro-in-law told us that he has NEVER EVER tried Thrifty ice cream, all our jaws dropped! $1.69 ice cream and he's never tried it?! Straight up crazy!


'Twas a fun night with the family. AND my search for Thrifty peppermint ice cream continues!

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  1. my sister also LOVES peppermint ice cream (from rite aid) AND from disneyland... which is just dreyer's. but i guess it tastes better because it's from the magical place. :)