Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hubby buddies

Ruby and I have been friends for years and recently our husbands have been getting closer over the last few months. They are wannabe best friends!

John has been learning how to eat healthier from Ben and now I see them geek out about the same things! It is too cute!



They are cliff bar buddies! The Bratchers' healthy eating lifestyle is totally out of our league, but John has been making sure he is carrying around some sort of nutrition bar like Ben does. We have a saying in our house, "What would Ben do?" or "WWBD" for short. Whenever we have to make a food decision we joke, "What would Ben do?"

All joking aside, I love seeing that our husbands are friends. I can see that John is encouraged by Ben and is learning a lot from him.

I know this post seems so random, but I'm just excited to see their friendship grow and MORE EXCITED about us becoming part of their church family (God-willing, we'll find out for sure this Sunday). God has graciously placed godly friends in our lives to help, encourage, rebuke, and pray for us as we transition to a new church.


  1. our introverted husbands wanna be just like us!!!!! probably minus the loud talking we do. actually, they talk softly and so properly!!! hahahahahha not us! we ghetto!

  2. You guys are so sweet! I love that WWBD haha! So funny!