Friday, May 4, 2012

park family time

Last Tuesday, John and I went out to the San Bernadino area to say goodbye to his grandma.  She had suffered a stroke several years ago and had been living in a nursing home since.  After years of being bed ridden, God called her home.  We were grateful for the chance we had to talk with her, encourage her, pray for her, and say goodbye.

She went to be home with the Lord last Thursday, April 26th.

But with every dark cloud, there is a silver lining. With her passing, the Park family was able to spend some rare quality time together.

Let me introduce you to some of the next generation of this family that I so lucky to be a part of...

Meet Emma. She is John's older bro's daughter. We just die when we see her. She is one smart cookie, has the cutest trick, and seriously the cutest FOB you will ever meet.

IMG_5553 IMG_5554
Showing off one of her many tricks with her Uncle.  This guy is putty in his little nieces hand.


Have you met Jamie? This is John's cousin's youngest son.  Since their family of 5 lives in Virginia, we do not get to see them often as we would like.  Though we did get to visit them last year when we vacationed out in the East Coast. So while they were here, we hogged up their time here and hung out with them as much as we could.


I DIE! They are so cute!  

Being part of this family is pretty dang awesome.

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