Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the great kathy

Meet the amazing Kathy! She is an amazing teacher, coworker, and friend. I first met her when I was hired as a brand new teacher in 2005. I was lucky enough to work with her the first 2 and a half years of my teaching career and build a friendship with her over the last 7.  John and I both agree that she is so wise and full of great advice. I can really talk to her about anything. There have been countless days I've sat chatting with her, not even noticing the sun going down because I'm just chatting away about my problems to her!

 After 40 plus years of teaching, she is retiring.


She's an amazing teacher and I'm lucky to call her my friend.

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  1. aw, that is so sweet. Does she read your blog? You look great in bright lipstick! great lunching with you yesterday!