Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer lunch date

What am I doing during my summer break? Lunch datin' w/ my bestest friend, Ellen, playing with her insanely cute baby, and wandering around Target.  Best. Time. Ever.

We've been friends since we were 13 and nothing has really changed... minus we're slightly older and there's a baby in the mix! We eat, talk (loudly), laugh, and act a fool together.




We tried to get her to wear the glasses. She wasn't havin' none of it.

I'm probably saying this too much but... I love summer!!!! :)


  1. OH MY, ellen's daughter is SO CUTE!!!

    can we have a summer lunch date soon, too? alex and i were at crossview last sunday, and missed you guys while you were celebrating your anniversary! hope to see you guys sooooon <3

  2. Omg we got a whoooollllleee post!!!!! ❤ it totally was like. When we were 13 except we got to drive and a lets do it again!!!!