Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of july



This year's 4th of July was filled with food, fun, and family! Well, minus my sisters who are too cool for school. My hubz had a day off of work (what a great change!), so we went over to my mom's house to celebrate America's birthday!

My mom invited her bestest friends over, one who happens to be my mother-in-law and the other, pretty much my 3rd mom. We never call her "3rd mom" but I've known her forever and she has grown to be a mentor in John and my life. So with my mom, MIL, 3rd mom, her 2 younger boys, John and I, we had an amazing Korean style BBQ that included KBBQ and grilled spicy squid (my fave)! 

Then some intense speed scrabble with the boys - one who is the king of collages and the greatest videographer. Ever. (You can see the video he made for us here. *SHAMELESS PLUG* You can hire him for any occasion!). 

Moving on, John and I ended the night watching fireworks. Our city, every year, has some crazy fireworks by our crazy neighborhood people. Think Disneyland style from every street corner. It's insanely loud and scary - in a fun, exciting way! 

 Happy (3 days late) 4th!

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  1. what pretty pictures linda! how did you format it like that? that's so cool! :) Omygosh, i am still thinking about the lunch you and John made today, sooooooooooo good! I will be dissatisfied with whatever I am eating for dinner, lol.