Monday, April 22, 2013

spectacular sunday


John signed us up for a half marathon. Worst idea ever. EVER. Running is not fun and my feet and knees hate me. Big time. But I did hit a huge milestone this Sunday.  I ran 8 miles! YES! 8! By far the most I have ever run in my entire life.


Our "long" runs are on the weekends and after every long run, we go and get the most refreshing drink ever - Lemonade's watermelon lemonade.  But on Sunday, we got back from our run and as I was stretching, we caught the tail end of Anthony Bourdain's new show on CNN. He was in Koreatown and he was having soon tofu and we had to have Korean food! I'd take salty, spicy Korean food over a refreshing lemonade any day!

2 more weeks left.  I'm scurred!


  1. cue eminem's 8-mile soundtrack...

    that lemonade would also be my only motivational factor. i also hate running. i look like a korean ahjummah. hahaha! now i want soondubu. ;P

  2. aaaaah! good luck today!!! :)
    wow, 8 miles! hahaha, i could never do that, so impressed! we miss you guys- hope you post pics of your race! <3