Monday, March 21, 2011

rain, rain, go away!

and come back NEVER! I don't like rain. Not one bit. I don't like rain for some pretty petty reasons, such as, I hate the feeling of having my pants wet and it makes my hair flat(ter). I know, pretty lame. But rain also makes teaching a bunch of 6 year olds near impossible! They get so crazy!

rain boots
Rainy days mean crazy kids and super cute boots!

On a more serious note, Johnny dislikes rain too! His parents live up in the San Bernardino mountains and whenever a storm comes through with heavy rains, their bridge (for lack of better term) washes away.

His very handy dad uses rocks, dirt, and cement to build a "bridge" over the stream to connect the main road into their mountain property. Normally there is a beautiful stream that flows (as seen in the picture below) but when it rains it's a different story. It becomes a huge river! So strong that 6 foot, 200 lb hubby, can't walk across. When the storm came through a few months ago, the bridge washed away and his parents were stranded on the mountain for almost 2 weeks! So, now every time it rains we start to worry!

I like to call this place "John's backyard". Isn't it beautiful?

Prayers for Johnny's parents would be greatly appreciated!


  1. i want to see john's backyard and i love the rain boots. sooooo cute!!!!

  2. 1. I'm 225.

    2. You should be working, no?


    4. :)

  3. 1. john's funny and so honest.
    2. it's her lunch time john!!!
    3. good job.
    4. wow!!! how do you do rounded corners?!! teach me! teach me!

  4. I would have said the rainboots are cute but after watching a child marketing documentary in my class.... it makes me sad. 분이기 down? Sorry :)

  5. oh hanna, tell me about this child marketing documentary. i want to know if i am a sucker for child marketing?!