Saturday, March 19, 2011

big bad wolf's brownies

No joke. That's what these brownies are called.

When I was in elementary school I was in love with my Disney cookbook. I used to sit and read each recipe and bookmark the pages of the recipes I thought I could cook. Mind you, most of the recipes in this book are pretty ridiculous and shouldn't really be considered "cooking" material. For example, "Mickey Mouse's Beanie-Weenie Soup" recipe calls for 2 frankfurters and 1 can of condensed bean with bacon soup. Heating the two items in a pot is what these Disney folks call cooking!

Regardless of the lame recipes, I LOVED THE BOOK! Jenny and I would make the orange floats (Vanilla ice cream in orange juice) all the time! I always wanted my mom to make one of the "main dishes" like the pork chops with apple sauce, but my mom would always just end up making Korean food for dinner. Bummer.

Whenever we moved, which was pretty dang often, I made sure I packed away this book safely. When I was in high school I used one of the recipes to bake cookies for a class potluck. I also remember seeing it on my bookshelf when I was in college, so I'm guessing somewhere between our move from house #6 to house #7, it got lost.

I mentioned the book to Johnny and he found it on Amazon! It's obviously no longer in print, but we found a "like new" copy. So happy!

I had so much fun flipping through the ridiculous recipes! I probably will never make one of the "main dishes" but today, I wanted to make some Big Bad Wolf Brownies! Each recipes is some how linked to a Disney character. Super cheesy. I totally love it.

Like any other brownie recipe, it only required a few ingredients.

I could have easily just mixed the eggs in by hand, but I love using my kitchenaide!


30 minutes in the oven and tada! Major yummers! The coloring isn't as dark as I would have liked, but who cares about the color when it tastes delish!

Thanks for the recipe Big Bad Wolf!


  1. Yay for update! I guess that's how I felt about my Little House on the Prairie Cookbook LOL! I remember I tried to make molasses when I was younger HAHA It was a total fail.

  2. I updated because you are a blog bully, Hanna!

  3. bet John is still making you watch that stupid movie! thanks for din din and awesome youtubing

  4. ohh and your link to my blog doesnt work.

  5. i want brownies. ooh! maybe should make some. um, yeah... love the yellow tile!

  6. I still have my copy of this cookbook and these brownies are my daughter's favorite thing to make! Just like me when I was her age!