Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a weekend of remembering

The past 6 days were spent with family, remembering our grandma. We opened up her old box filled with old letters and pictures. Flipping through all her pictures, you could see how much she loved her grandchildren. 90% of the pictures were of my sisters and me, or our 7 cousins. My mom picked out a few pictures she liked and a slide show was made. Here are a few of my favorites.

Don't I look exactly like her?! It's crazy how similar we are. Same body aches, same love for sweet potatoes, same hatred for doing dishes, just to name a few. It's crazy I tell you!

Circa 1990-ish, I'm guessing from their stylish clothing...? My paternal grandma (left) and my maternal grandma (right) were buddies! 2 years ago, before my grandma slipped into coma, she made one last phone call to her buddy (my paternal grandma) before going to bed to thank her for the delish food she sent over. I love them both soooo much!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her! This was taken by the lil sis in my mom's backyard.

Another great picture of my grams! She wore a lot of pink! This was taken when she went to visit my aunt and uncle (her youngest son) in Korea.

Over the years this picture was crinkled, folded, and scribbled on, but you can still see how pretty my grandma was. I can't imagine my grandma as a young lady! She was probably no older than 21 in this picture, considering this was taken with her 2nd child, my oldest uncle.

I saved the best picture for last!

I have no idea where this was taken, (probably in the country side of Korea somewhere), and I have no idea why no one is smiling (probably because this was in the country side of Korea somewhere!) The gentleman sitting down with the hat is my grandpa; he passed away when my mom was a teenager. On his lap is my uncle. Next to him on the right is my mom! Look at her cute bowl cut and her tiny hanbok! Right above my mom is my grandma. I wanna hug whoever took this picture. It is so perfect! I tried asking my uncle who the other people are in this photo and he said "Oh, you know him. That man." No clue who he's talking about. Whatever. It's still perfect.

Here's to a weekend of remembering!


  1. I love looking at my parent's old photos. Makes me smile, knowing that our parents were kids at one time too.

  2. i remember your grandma's birthday that i was there for. i think it was for your maternal grandma... it was in amerige heights. do you remember? or is my memory going crazy?!!

    i remember the yummy cake and good food!!!! i love korean food!!!

  3. Awww, this is such a sweet post! These photos are so wonderful - they really celebrate her life :) (I love those last two old photos too - I love looking at my parent's old photo albums for black-and-white treasures like these! :) Definitely good to stop and remember! :)

  4. Hi Linda! I absolutely loved this post. I loved all the photos and your memories of your grandma. She was beautiful, indeed! I know you miss her a lot and still think about her all the time. She is definitely hanging out with Jesus, so let's all just be jealous. Thanks for sharing. i love that you loved your grandma so much!