Saturday, March 5, 2011

turning a new leaf

My person's favorite thing to say: "I'm turning a new leaf. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to eat healthy." I usually don't help in his "leaf turning" as I do most of the grocery shopping and cooking.

It drives my person nuts, but I am a super picky eater. I do not like veggies. I rarely eat them, and I am so amazed when I see the BFF's kids stuff their face with vegetables like it's candy! I've gotten better over the years, and now I enjoy eating certain vegetables. However, they must be cooked the way I like.

I figured out that I enjoy roasted broccoli. Raw broccoli, on the other hand, is a big fat no no! BLEHK! Maybe I'll like it in another 20 some years.

For today's dinner, I thought I'd help with my person's desire for healthy eating. Roasted up some broccoli, onions, garlic, potatoes, topped it with some Parmesan cheese and my favorite, TABASCO! We are both turning a new leaf!

My dinner was followed with my nightly vitamin intake. BLEHK.

I've been taking these vitamins (given to me by my other bff) every night. I know I should be washing the horse pills down with water but I hate water! Today's wash down liquid - pomegranate lemonade!

Here's to turning a new leaf!


  1. I also hate water, but I love my veggies. :) It was good seeing you yesterday!

  2. euww..3 pills?! and where's your new post? ;)

  3. hey i gave you that cup! yay!!! i hate bottled water, but i love regular water.

  4. ahhh! i understand the struggle. the hubs and i just did a detox cleanse and it was not super fun, but it helped expose how often we overeat or eat unhealthily. we even had to pass up my friend's homemade cookies with candy (reeses, snicker or rolos) baked in the middle! ahhhh!

  5. This post is so helpful! I cannnot do some veggies no matter how hard I try. Have you tried roasted asparagus?