Tuesday, May 31, 2011

home depot date

This past weekend, my older sister (aka unni) and I thought we'd just hang with our momma. She only lives a mile away but surprisingly, I don't get to see her very often. So, what better way to spend a Saturday before Memorial Day!

I thought we'd go to visit Danni's yard sale, hit up some areas in Downtown Brea, then maybe a stop in Downtown Orange for some more antique-ing. EXCITING! By the time I got dressed and to my mom's house, it was later than expected. Since it was "hang with momma" day, we let her choose what she wanted to do. Nothing that I planned sounded fun to her! GASP! She, instead, chose to go to Ikea and her favorite place, Home Depot. No joke. So we obliged and unni chauffeured us around.

My mom wanted to pick up things for her new project to upcycle my grandma's old sofa. We got bored as she chose her things...

Esther unni is trying to paint her back. As soon as this picture was taken, my mother looked up and screamed "Why are you taking pictures of this?!" in Korean. She's not a fan of taking candid pictures in random places. HAHA. Makes me crack up.



FINALLY! She chose a color! (She actually painted the wood part of the sofa in this color then didn't like it so she went back and got a new color. She would.)

Does your mom have power tools?? Maybe she does... I just don't think it's normal for a Korean lady. But more power to her! (No pun intended). Haha, I just made a "pun-ny." Somebody stop me!




Hope you all had an amazing 3 day weekend, as well! I know someone did! Make sure you congratulate him and his wonderful new fiancee, Natalie!


  1. HAHA!!!! your mom is too cute!!!! can we have a hang out day?!! i need a girl day! seriously.

  2. hahaa! enjoyed the read. thanks, linda. love to see the new sofa!