Sunday, June 5, 2011

nathan turns one

Koreans go ALL OUT for first birthdays. Think Philippine Debut or Quinceañera for a one year old. Back in the day, it was rare for babies to live past their first birthdays, so in Korea, they would celebrate a baby's 100 days of life and a hugemungo celebration for their first birthday aka dohl.

On Saturday, my nephew turned one and my cousins went all out! It was fancier than my wedding! So much fun! They had the celebration at the same place they got married. How romantic! I hope we can do that one day ...


Look at those chubby chubby cheeks!

My lil cousin, manning the guest book.


The rainbow looking cake is my favorite Korean rice cake. It's a staple at a first birthday party. So good. Chewy and not too sweet. Just perfect.


My only older guy cousin, his wife, and baby Nathan! Love the balloons, no? So fun!

Baby sis and baby Nathan are twinsies in their denim shirts!


Aren't my cousins beautiful? And isn't my grams so cute?! She looks amazing for being over 80 years old!

I had such a busy and fun weekend! I'll have to save the other fun events for another update. Gotta get some rest so I can bust through the next 2 weeks of school so we can take a little much-needed break!


  1. love his squishy cheeks!!! and i want that ice cream parlor and cake please. thanks!

  2. i want some of that dduk. looks so good. lol

  3. You have a very beautiful family! Nathan is one lucky lil boy for everyone to go all out of him!
    I love learning about people's traditions!