Saturday, July 9, 2011

down in san diego

John and I decided we needed a vacation from doing nothing so we headed down to San Diego. What was originally planned as a romantic getaway turned into something more exciting! We got to hang out with our favorite people! Our friends Hanna, Heesoo, and Stacy (a former UCSD Triton), joined us on the trip. Our buddy Daniel, who lives out there, was kind enough to be our tour guide.

Our New York vacation turned into a eating fest, and San Diego wasn't any different. Does anyone else think that vacation means eat anything and a lot of it?!

The first night was spent in Little Italy.




Picnik collage

I was in pasta heaven. I love me some carbs. The pasta I ordered was good but I think I ate more of John's than my own. I can't get enough pasta and I think it tastes so much better when you are taking it off someone else plate!



Picnik collage
For dessert, Extraordinary Desserts.

The night ended with a nice walk to Coronado Ferry Landing. Out on the pier, there was the most amazing view of the city. It reminded me of the skyline in Hong Kong which is near and dear to my (and John's) heart. I'll save that for another time. :)


Our first meal the next day (at noon) was this amazing sub. Yummerz. We said goodbye to the amigos and went off to visit some antique shops.

I didn't find anything I liked, but John found an amazing book from the 1940's. I hate when I don't find anything and he just looks at a random shelf and finds a treasure! At least I got to take a picture of us with our gorillapod. (John's not a fan of taking pictures out in public.)

Picnik collage

For dinner, we met back up with Daniel for some BBQ! Are you a little confused to see a picture of oysters though? We got to Phil's BBQ and saw the line out the door, around the corner, down the block, and around the river bend. It was seriously, INSANE. So with the help of the local San Diegan, Daniel, we went to Blue Water, a great seafood restaurant. Even the nut case, Guy Fieri, ate there!

The following day, after a quick check out at the hotel, John and I were starvin' marvin' so he just looked up some restaurants on his GPS and found this gem!


Tacoooooossss!!!!! John said his burrito was the best carne asada burrito he has ever had in his life. I was so busy eating my tacos that I didn't even think to take a picture of his burrito. I guess we'll just have to go back!

I am an eating monster and those tacos didn't just cut it for me! The Korean in me was craving some soup and rice... anything super spicy. The entire 2 hours home, I was whining about spicy soup and of course, to shut me up, we had Korean food for dinner!


Seafood and beef soon tofu. Yummmm. I ate all of it by myself. :)



  1. I heart Extra-ordinary dessert.... yummmmmm

    and Jersey mike is our favorite too!! they have one in brea!!

  2. i ALSO think vacation means eating! :) haha! everything looks yummy and i will have to keep this in mind for our next sd outing! :)