Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the ipad restaurant

Since I'm summer-breaking, all I'm doing is lounging, watching movies, and eating. John and I were at our usual hang out spot, the outdoor Del Amo mall, and we decided to try a new restaurant. This restaurant, called Stacked, is unique in that each table is equipped with an ipad for easy ordering! Who needs humans anymore?!

I'm not very tech savy, but I'm all about not talking to humans. Anti-social much? Even at the super market, I much prefer using the self check out even when I have a huge cart full of stuff!

This place is perfect for anti-social people like me! I wonder if they'll get rid of servers all together and instead have your food come flying out of a shoot or something. That'd be interesting.

John ordering his personalized burger.

I'm not even kidding when I say that this is the best hotdog I have ever had in my life. Maybe it's because I don't eat hotdogs often?... I went with the spicy Lousianna chicken andouille sausage. Drooool. So good.

Ordering dessert! Snickerdoodle cookie with coffee ice cream.

We also ordered a side of sweet potatoes. That was a ding, dong, dang (Man, I'm going to have to make a dictionary for all the weird words I use). What I'm trying to say is that the fries were no bueno! Major sucky! John said his burger was just okay. As you know, the hot dog was And the ice cream sandwich was no Diddy Riese, but it was still yummy!

If anyone is in the Torrance (South Bay) area and want to check out Stacked, call me! I mos def want to go back for that hotdog!


  1. Hmm...I don't live in South Bay, but I'd still LOVE to check out Stacked with you! :)
    I went to a restaurant in Asia where they had computer screens as TABLES, and you ordered (and played games while waiting for the food) from that touch screen! Really weird - what would the world be like if they DID get rid of servers alltogether, I wonder...

    Anyway, this place sounds so yummy. I'll have to keep it in mind when I have a hot dog craving, hehe :)

  2. looks sooo good!! i wanna try it!

  3. i want that spicy hot dog! minus ketchup and onions. how can we now satisfy this prego woman's craving?!!

  4. can we go please! I actually want it exactly how you ate it.. i'm eating lunch right now but salivating as i read your blog!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. That looks like so much fun. It think iPads are hilarious, but I think I also secretly just want one. Way to combine great food photography and technology at a restaurant!

  6. ALL OF YOU MUST COME TO TORRANCE!!!!! Next blog get together --> Ipad-ing it up at STACKED!

    That means you have to start blogging, Ellen!

  7. "This place is perfect for anti-social people like me!"
    I'm cracking up — I need this place in my life!