Wednesday, August 3, 2011

behind the scenes

A few weeks ago, Danni and Ruby had their Snap it Pretty Workshop and it was the cutest thing ever. Too bad I don't have an SLR camera so I just stood around with my point and shoot.

In the days leading up the the workshop, I helped the ladies with some crafting. It was so much fun sitting, chatting, and crafting! Throw in the 3 Bratcher babies and the fun level goes up a hundred notches!

Lil Soulie looked like she ate a smurf! She wanted to play with the stamp pad like her older sisters and was smashing her hand on the ink pad. Why is she so stinking cute?!

Danni and I got a kick out of how Bravery colored in the eyes on her drawing. It looked so scary we couldn't stop laughing! We, of course, told her it looked absolutely amazing.

True looks so calm and so old in this picture. She was having fun decorating her flower pot for her flowers that she picked with Danni. Me thinks she'll be as crazy creative as her momma.

Did you not attend the workshop?! Well, not only did you miss out on some amazing teachings from Jennifer Young, but you missed out on amazing goodie bags, as well! .. or in this case, goodie boxes!

The day of, I helped where help was needed, but pretty much just chatted it up and hung out. Great way to spend a Saturday.




The other helper! RJ, Ruby's mini-me.

The hosts.

These two are so bossy! Making me run around and do stuff for them! Totally kidding. I love helping these ladies. With these ladies there's always good laughs, great conversations, and amazingly free stuff! Thanks for the goodie bag ladies!

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  1. I still think they are good pictures & you seemed to capture the good stuff!