Sunday, August 14, 2011

weekend fun

Today I had an "Oh my! I'm turning into my mother!" moment! As usual, hubz and I went to Trader Joe's to get our weekly groceries and I was seriously feeling like a zombie. I remember grabbing some produce, green beans, cauliflower, and mushrooms, and putting them in our cart.

We walked around, threw in other things we needed and got in line to pay. That's when I look in the cart and saw a cantaloupe. I remember trying to find a good cantaloupe but I have no recollection of putting a cantaloupe in the cart. I love cantaloupes so I thought maybe I did actually put it, or Johnny put it in for me. Whatever. I was kind of craving it anyways so we just bought it.

Fast forward to getting home and putting the groceries away. I start putting things in the fridge and notice that there are no green beans, cauliflower, or mushrooms! What in the world! I am 100% sure I put it in a cart... Did Johnny and I switch carts with someone and not even notice?! Is someone going to be as clueless as me and buy all my produce only to get home and think "What in the world?"

I have turned into my mother. This is totally something my mom would do!

I'd like to think that I'm just super tired from partying hard with good friends on Saturday! (Partying hard, meaning I got home a little after the sun went down.) Loads of fun showerin' someone special with tons of love!

Here's a sneak peek. Recognize that sweet face?!



  1. what is wrong with you?! you need to eat pinesol...its suppose to help your memory

  2. hahaha!! Oh my word...that is hilarious. Once I did actually switch carts with someone, but realized it immediately (this was before kids so my memory was much better then). looks like such a fun weekend...I love the baby shower photo (might that be cute little Soul?)

  3. you don't know what happened? i made a trip to tj's this weekend too and bought way too many veggies and fruit. ugh. i made cauliflower puree and eggplant hummus. i want a prize. now i have to figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff.

    also-i think jenny means ginko. isn't pinesol the thing you clean wood with.

  4. don't get produce at trader joes! too expensive. i think God was sparing you the expense. haha!!! be thankful! it was God, not your memory.

  5. hahha no i mean the weird juice mom makes out of pine leaves, we call it pinesol...she swears its goof for memory