Friday, August 12, 2011

family lunch with the parks

Ever since we left Grace Fellowship Church, we don't get to see the Parks (my in-laws) very often. I know many don't get along with their in-laws, or don't feel comfortable around their in-laws, but I'm super blessed to have an amazing MIL! It kind of, sort of, helps that my mom and John's mom have been bff's for years. Growing up, the moms would hang out while John, his bro, me and my sisters would be forced to hang out. So annoying. Just kidding!

Two Sundays ago, the family got together for lunch! John was most excited about seeing our niece, Emma. John is obsessed with Emma. Seriously. Obsessed. He loves his niece like crazy! But who wouldn't love her?! She's adorable!

A family meal time turned into an Emma photo session!

First off, anyone love Spongebob? These kids sure do. HAHA!







Isn't she the cutest thing you ever did see? We can't wait to meet her lil bro or lil sister in February... it'll give John someone else to smother! :)


  1. that is so sweet that your moms have been BFFs for so long!! I have great in-laws too, but we rarely see them because we're in California and they're in Missouri. boo! Looks like your time with your family was so fun!

  2. omg the last picture is kyahhhhhhhhh