Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the little things

Hello. Long time no blog.

What have I been up to lately? Well, I'm going on day 10 of the 2011 - 2012 school year! Every year around this time, without fail I get sick. This year is no different and I started to have a bad earache last week, which turned into a sore throat and a majorly clogged right nose!

After ignoring it off for a few days, with some pushing from Johnny, I took a sick day and went to see a doctor. I was accidentally sent to pediatrics because I look so young. But when I did finally see a doctor, I found out that I have major allergy issues. With the help of some nose spray stuff, I can breathe up zee nose again. Yay!

With a crazy week, it's the little things that make me oh so happy. On Day 3 of school, a student opens her backpack and pulls out a cookie from the front pouch. No tissue, no baggie, it was just chillin' at the bottom of her backpack. She hands it to me with a big smile.


I'm a germaphobe, so I didn't eat it, but what a nice gesture! ... Did she take a bite out of it before giving it to me?!

The "little things" that make my day is usually done by the hubz. He gives me random "just because" flowers, does the dishes ALL the time, helps clean the house, makes breakfast and packs my lunch. Most importantly, he encourages me to sit and read the Bible with him when I am super tired, and would just honestly rather zone out on the computer. He's really the best.

On Day 5 of school, I wiped my mouth with my paper towel, crumbled it up and put it on the table. I'm chatting with co-workers in the staff lounge, and not paying much attention to anything else, when I see something on my napkin. My first thought was "Eww! My napkin was used! There are weird marks all over it!" I straightened out the paper towel to see a simple "love you" written to me by the amazing Johnny. Made my day. So simple, so sweet, and so surprised I was!


Please ignore the food marks. I was totally using it to wipe my mouth and hands before I noticed the love note!

It's really the little things that make me happy.

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  1. I'm a germaphobe too! A bit OCD too... :/ I remember a sweet little boy waved at me one day as my subway pulled away and it made my day! The little things are the best.