Thursday, September 15, 2011

babycakies #4

She's finally here! Sweet baby Glow Amorette Bratcher.

As we got to the hospital, Ruby's family and Ben's mom were on their way out. True and Brave were screaming, "Auntie Linda! The baby is here! The baby is out of my mommy's tummy. Her name is Glow! Take the elevator!" Haha! What cuties! ... Soul just stared at me as usual. Still a cutie.

We took the elevator as per Brave's instructions, and finally got to see the newest addition to the Cakies family - Glow!



Totally lookin' like a blend of all her older sisters!



BFF's!!! John and I didn't want to hold Glow because she had just fallen asleep. But just getting to see her was enough for us!


The nerdy husbands. These two are probably lookin' and chattin' about They're both addicted to that website!


Best picture ever! Yes, Ben is feeding Ruby sushi! Ha! When they had True, I ran across the street to get them something (anything) to eat. The only thing I could find was a sushi restaurant, so Japanese food it was!

Since then, I've been the sushi delivery lady for each baby! Now that the cakies family is (supposedly) done with having babies, we must say goodbye to our sushi tradition. So sad. ... but so happy baby #4 is here!


  1. and i wasnt referring to talking about baby GLow

  2. great pictures. good job bff :) love the sushi thing. love it.

    i agree Glow does look like all 3 - what beautiful girls!