Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mr. and mrs. rho

Several weeks ago (yes, this post is long overdue), my uh-mazing friend Esther got hitched! John and I were so honored to witness the union of Esther and Daniel. And man, did we have some fun! I got to see my old co-workers, chat with friends, and enjoy the night away with the amazing couple.

Random thoughts from that night:

* There was a "youtube star" playing music during cocktail hour! I wish I was hip and knew who he was, or at least taken a picture of him. Bummer.

* Esther was on a major (unhealthy) diet when she didn't even need to be. She seriously looked gorgeous. Esther - I think you should wear the wedding dress to work just for kicks. Do it. I dare you.

* For our wedding, my cousin sang the song Amazed as the bridal party and I walked down the aisle. She brought a friend to help her out and randomly, it was Daniel's cousin! Fast forward to Esther's wedding, Daniel's cousin sang Amazed for Esther and Daniel! He is seriously a very talented singer and while he sang I was holding my hubz hand and remembering the vows we made a year and a half ago. It was a perfect moment.

* Esther and I were texting all week long about crazy Koreans. Koreans are seriously crazy! Haha! Cracks me up.

* The weather, decor, flowers, table settings were seriously PERFECT that day. How is that even possible?!




I spy Abe!


My ex co-worker was not only a bridesmaid, her daughter was also the flower girl. Meet Sydney!!!! Cutest thing ever!


Here comes the bride!


Esther was probably screaming "holler" as she walked down the aisle. HAHA. Look at this happy couple!!!!!





Who doesn't love photobooth time?!!!!!!

Yeah. We were not ready for the last picture. We were trying to go for the high school dance pose. As you can see, we weren't quick enough. HAHA! We look ridiculous.

Check out Esther's hanbok! So amazing! A nice tribute to the motherland while lookin' hip and stylish. Daniel's bowtie is pretty amazing too. :)


Abe the Babe was asked to make the Rho's wedding video. He is available for hire. Contact his boss-lady, me, for more info.

My pictures do not do this wedding justice. Check out the video to see more details.

The Wedding of Daniel and Esther. from Abraham Park on Vimeo.


  1. Love the color theme of the wedding! Love your dress! Love Abe's video! Where was Abe when I was getting married? mannnn...

  2. awesome post. best one EVER. lunch soon, friend. xo

  3. BTW peeps - abe is UHHHHHMAAAAZING.

  4. Fantastic wedding! Fantastic video! Fantastic awkward photobooth picture!