Saturday, September 24, 2011

baby peanut is here!

We've been waiting for baby peanut to come into this world! Everyone was excited for the Turins to have their first child! First we had a sex party to reveal the gender, then a baby shower and then for the last few weeks, everyone was just waiting and waiting with anticipation! Finally, on September 23rd, my dearest friend Ellen gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby girl.

Meet baby peanut, Senna Rose Turin. Named by her maternal grandfather, who she shares a birthday with! Senna, meaning free and beautiful as a bird in Korean. And Rose after her paternal great-grandmother.






A very nervous John and Senna....

A relaxed John and Senna...


Ah! So in love! I can't wait to see her hanging out with Glow! I'm so happy my bestest friends are making us Aunties and Uncles. I LOVE OUR NIECES SO MUCH IT FEELS LIKE MY HEART IS GONNA BURST!


  1. awe that's really great! congrats to everyone!
    beautiful babies! (i read cakies too)

  2. ahh!!! so cute!!!

    okay... here's the plan. i will talk to God about it...

    you have a son in two years (or less), then we can arrange our kids' marriages so that we could be like your mom and john's mom! wait... does Glow Park sound weird?!! I think any last name with my girls' names might sound strange at first! hahaha!!!!!

    Then we could drive our kids crazy just like how our mommas drive us crazy! what do you think of the plan?!!

  3. ahhh, lucky girl has ssanggappeul! :) and so much hair! (st jude fullerton, right? looks familiar! haha!) she looks soooo tiny in john's arms.

  4. Sooooooooo cute! Congrats to Ellen!! I love the name, Senna is so pretty!

    ps: yea! totally stole that song we used in the video from you, hehe :) love it!