Friday, October 14, 2011

fostering adoption - chapter 1

Before John and I got married, we talked a lot about what we envisioned for the future, with regards to our family. We both agreed we wanted a lot of kids! John always said he wanted 5 kids and I never thought of a number, but coming from a family of 3 girls, I knew I wanted at least 3 kids. It just makes life fun.

On top of that, ever since I was in college, I wanted to adopt a baby from Korea! And so, when John told me that he was really interested in adoption too, I thought, "Perfect! We'll get married, have our 'own' kids, and then adopt in the future!" This was our master plan.

But, in His love and kindness, God began to patiently peel our fingers back from what we held on to so tightly, so that we would hold on to what was better - Himself. There are many times when the possibility of not being able to have our own biological children is extremely hard, for sure.

But, by God's grace, we are beginning to see that "ALL things" really do work out for those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). And though we don't know if this is the purpose that God had in mind, we're excited to announce that we've begun looking into the adoption process now!

We got the ball rolling a few Saturdays ago when we went to our first informational meeting with an agency called the Children's Bureau. We're still looking into this particular non-prof, but so far, from what we see, it's great!



Stay tuned as, God-willing, we'll continue to document our adventure in fostering/adopting (the highs and the lows). Please pray for us!


  1. This is a beautiful way of life-sharing so much love with eachother that you can even give more to children who really need this. I have a great respect for you both. And wishing you all the love and the luck on the world in this great adventure.
    PS. I'm sorry about God-I believe in the buddha!
    Greetings with heart and soul from Sil.

  2. wow...
    i am excited for you and john and what God has in store for your FAMILY. :) i will be keeping you both (as well as a future little one) in prayer.


  3. I'm excited and praying for you and john :)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post so much, read it with teary eyes. So excited for your new journey. You & John are so inspiring. Keep us updated and can we get together soon?!? :)

  5. ridiculously excited for you + john! prayers sent, sister. xo!

  6. My daughter and her finance have a similar plan...I honor your decision and I know God works all things out for His Glory...very cool...Mary

  7. That is too awesome! I'm so excited for you two! PJ and I hold adoption so dear to our hearts, so please please keep us informed. Thanks Linda for being encouraging :)

  8. hey lady.
    this is awesome.
    come on over to fullerton if youre ever in the area, mang. i miss you.

  9. hey linda! That is great news! Let's talk soon! btw, what about Casa Del Amo behind han nam chain? great heated pool and jacuzzi yearround. tons of families there. safe neighborhood. the only apartment complex in the retirement area. Eli and I are moving there. That's where he currently lives now but we'll be moving into another unit. oh yeah, they clean the bbq grills every day. awesome place!