Friday, October 28, 2011

self portraits

I knew that this blog would suffer when school started up again. After work, I am soooo tired I have no energy to do anything. Poor hubby is stuck with mediocre food for dinner and a huge pile of dishes that he has to deal with.

Teaching the lil ones is SUPER exhausting, but I love my job! I have the best class this year. They are so mellow, excited to learn, and just amazing all around. I have never loved teaching more! And they are the cutest things EVER. Would you like to see how cute? Take a look at their self portraits they did the first week of school.

Bottom left gal's self portrait is pretty accurate to what she actually looks like. Sweet, adorable Vietnamese girl with an amazing hair cut... but does not have red eyes. Top right guy has the best hair EVER. He doesn't actually have an 90's Kid 'n Play haircut but it'd be pretty rad if he did! Can you believe that hair? That's after I asked him to trim it.

Second boy from the top. No comment. HAHA!

Aren't they the cutest things ever?! Who cares if my house is a mess, as long as I get these kiddos to READ. READ. READ.


  1. 2nd picture second to last girl... LOVE her teeth! HAHA

  2. this is so cute. it almost makes me want to go back to work and meet my kids. almost. :)

  3. aw these are so adorable! my blog, and home, and husband have suffered to since school started back...such is teaching :o)

  4. i LOVE student artwork. too cute.