Sunday, November 6, 2011

a busy sunday

A typical Sunday for me and John is pretty low-key. We usually go to church in the morning, go grocery shopping, and then come home to rest. Today, was not low-key. It was a busy day, filled with some major fun.

It started off at Crossview, listening to God's Word. Then, we went to meet up with my fake cousin, Liz, or as I call her, Lizard Breath. I've called her my cousin for years because we grew up next to each other and always hung out. She came with us on family vacations, hung out at our house all the time and vice versa. As we got older we just started telling teachers and friends we were cousins. People started realizing we weren't related by blood so now she's my fake cousin. With all that said, I love this gal.

We finally got to hang out and chat at Urth Cafe. And just like when you see a close family member you haven't seen in a long time, our time with Liz was so easy and natural.

photo (1)-pola
*Taken by Liz's iPhone.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Can you guess which one is Johnny's cup?! It was the size of my head!

I love my fake cousin! <3

Then off to dinner with my sis and the bro-in-law. My coworker was raving about this BBQ place in Venice, and it's a place my bro-in-law goes to often. It's a hole in the wall-ish place with plastic sports team plates, diner-esque chairs, and dark lighting. But, man, is the food good!

Kicking off my birthweek with a delicious BBQ dinner at Baby Blues BBQ.

Picnik collage


As we were eating, John recognized one of the workers. (He has horrible memory, but he has amazing face recognition). She was a character on one of John's favorite shows, Breaking Bad. I have no idea how he recognized her, and she was pretty surprised he recognized her considering the fact that she herself said she was trying to be incognito. This proves that he really is the good at recognizing faces! Thanks to my super outgoing bro-in-law who was bold enough to talk to her first, John was able to chat with her and get a picture with her.

We learned her name was Emily and she was sweet enough to learn our names. Seriously, she was the nicest gal, super grateful, and even gave us some free banana bread pudding! I hope she makes it back to the next season of Breaking Bad!

Today was super busy for us, but what a great way to kick off my birth week! Time to sleep. Too much excitement for one day!