Tuesday, November 1, 2011

thug life

Did you know that I was a thug back in the day? I have my license picture to prove it.


I took this picture at the lovely age of 16 and never had any reason to change it. But now, with my 29th bday approaching, the DMV finally found the need for me to renew my license. It worked out perfectly since I never got a new ID after I changed my last name. It's about time! It's pretty embarrassing when I have to hand over my ID. The Trader Joe guy once said, "Whoa! Gangsta. Gangsta! Thug life-ing?" The Social Security office lady said, "Wow! You've changed a lot." And today, the DMV lady said "How old is this picture?!" Pretty embarrassing.

I will close with a confession. I totally lied about my height. I AM NOT 5'3"! More like 5' 1 1/2". BUT I did weigh 90 pounds. Clearly, I'll never see that day again.

Today was DMV day! I was SO nervous taking my picture. I don't want to be stuck with a horrible picture! So now I just sit and wait for my new ID....


  1. Why'd you lie about your height?

  2. how often does it roll around to get your license updated? mine is next year and im super glad bc i was super fat. My husband in his recent one is half asleep and wearing his weis work shirt ha. everyone has a funny picture - as much as i tried to be pretty on mine - they never are!

  3. i will miss your thug gansta photo!!