Friday, January 20, 2012

derishious dinner

Johnny and I have been trying to eat healthier and we often ask ourselves, "What would Ben do?" I try not to buy cookies and chips so they aren't even in the house at all, because honestly, if they're in the house, I'll eat it. In one sitting. So now I try to make sure we have lots of fruits and vegetables (Mostly for John, since veggies really aren't my thing). But I do love my fruits!


This week, I finished 2 entire boxes of strawberries and a box of raspberries by myself. When we bought them over the weekend at the farmers market, I shared with John and let him have one. But the rest, I ate.

Yesterday, for a healthy, light dinner I planned to make my healthier version of double stuffed baked potatoes. But after the bff explained the low nutritional value of just potatoes, I took her suggestion and made the baked chicken breast recipe from her meal plan from last week along with the potatoes. I guess it's not super healthy but healthier than we normally eat.

But today, I was craving some meat! I rarely, rarely, rarely crave beef or even pork nowadays. I'd choose chicken over beef any day! Not today! For some reason I wanted some Korean BBQ. Not that sweet marinated kind but just the plain brisket beef and the thick sliced pork. More specifically, the meat with loads of hot sauce and wrapped in rice paper called dukbosam.


John and I ate like crazy people and now I'm so full I'm uncomfortable. Does anyone else know that feeling? That's totally a first world problem so no complaining here!

I have to let my stomach settle so I can drink my "fish tea." Yes. "Fish tea." I'll explain what it is another time. Writing about it makes me want to throw up. Blehk.


  1. omg... i want dbs now! looks yummy!!! i can also finish off boxes of fruit like it's nobody's business.

  2. Yum! Those berries look soo delicious. Come soon summer!!


  3. we'll go to an even more deeelish place in gardena. soooo yummers.