Monday, January 16, 2012

dress drama

IMG_2886 (1)

Pictured above is the dress I purchased for the Lo wedding. I wasn't thinking straight when I bought it and it caused me some unnecessary drama. But with the help of my sisters, it all worked out in the end.

The thought of receiving the dress via mail the day before we left for Monterey and not being able to zip it up past my giant behind was freaking me out! Big sister to the rescue! My older sister was nice enough to go to the Santa Monica store and try it on for me to make sure that the dress would fit me.

Two days before our flight out, I realized that the dress wouldn't arrive in time. Then it was lil sis to the rescue! She went to the South Coast store and picked up the dress for me the day before we left. When she brought it over to my parents' house that Thursday I was bummed to see that it was WAY bigger than I imagined.

I am "vertically challenged" so the dress was about 3 inches too long, the chest part was about 2 sizes too big, and the waist part just drooped! Getting it altered was not an option at 10pm so I had to make work! With the help of my sis, we found an old belt lying around at my parents' house. I pulled that sucker on tight and it helped hold the dress up and actually gave me back my waistline. To fix the top, I sewed up the sleeves so it wouldn't be a cap sleeve and it seemed to help with making the neck line look a normal size.

I paired it with Zara black ankle boots but even with the 3" heels the dressed dragged. Nothing I could really do about that but the thought of just getting fabric scissors and chopping of a few inches did cross my mind. I tried tying a knot in it and thought maybe I could go for the "funky" and "different" look but it just looked weird! In the end, I just decided to take the end and wrap it around my wrist to hold it up. Surprisingly, it didn't get in my way at the wedding. Not even an issue while I was boogy-ing away on the dance floor!

Long dresses are so much fun! I'm gonna make John take me out to a fancy date so I can wear it again!

* The dress is now on sale here. Zara, dang you for not giving price adjustments!
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Juicy


  1. Just buy a new one and return it with the original receipt

  2. I never returned my sweater either for the cheaper one ..ugh

  3. Oh dress drama! I'm vertically challenged as well :) I'll have to keep your last minute alterations in mind for the next long dress I buy. You look beautiful.

  4. i would've never guessed the dress had all these issues... you look gorge! :)