Friday, January 13, 2012

monterey weekend - day 1

John and I wanted to fly out to Northern California instead of driving and my lil sis decided to join us. She was totally the third wheel, so I put her to work! We conveniently attached our suitcases together so she could pull her bag AND mine! What a nice sister...


A quick flight into San Fransico International Airport, and an hour and a half drive later, we finally arrived in beautiful Monterey.




Without even time to check in, we were off to the rehearsal as John was one of the groomsmen. A quick run through and off to witness Nick's baptism! What an amazing thing! Get baptized the day before your wedding, by your soon to be father-in-law... How amazerz is that?!


It was so wonderful to share and celebrate this time with Nick and his family. Why do we celebrate? Pastor John Piper can it explain it much more eloquently than I can - "When we immerse them in the water, we celebrate the death and burial of Jesus Christ for our sins. When we raise them up out of the water, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and their participation in it. And when they walk out of the baptismal waters, we celebrate the newness of life in love and joy that Jesus gives."

And celebrate, we did! Some of the groomsmen even jumped in the pool to celebrate with him!

The rest of the night we just all hung out and had a jolly ol' time.
Picnik collage


I got to see some old friends, meet some new ones, hang out with my cousin and sis, AND have my hubz by my side! Lovez it.


This is really random but does anyone else think Monterey looks a little like Ketchikan, Alaska?! No?...


  1. WOW. What the random! I found your blog through richelle and rubyellen's blogs and have been following it for quite some time. But I know Nick! I know him through lots of random ways like I know his wife Nat from college! What a small world!

  2. @Craftyarchitect - Small word! I met Nick when we were in college and we've been friends for about 10 years now! I met Nat through Nick, obviously. She's an amazing gal!