Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our story

My Johnny and I have known each other for over 15 years. We met as pre-teens at church and our moms became close friends. He and his brother would be over all the time to hang out with us sisters while our moms hung out. John was super duper shy so he didn't say much to me, and I hung out with his older brother most of the time.

old pix

As we got older we'd hang out occasionally but just as "church friends". I taught him how to knit and he taught me how to play texas hold 'em.

(When he had hair)


John was still super shy so we still didn't talk much until we were forced to spend a lot of time together for a short term mission trip to China.

1 (5)
(Before we boarded our plane.)

Being in China, adjusting to the weather, culture, and food was difficult for me but having Johnny there was so nice! I loved having him there with me and I didn't want to come home1 But of course we did. As soon as we got home, we found out that John's family moved 10 houses down from where my family lived!

Every night John and I would go running/walking together. He was my bodyguard because Gardena isn't really the safest city. We would chat about our day, share prayer requests, and just enjoy each others company. We would also drive to church together making the 45 minute drive our chatting time too.

People started to notice us spending more time together and people started asking questions. I denied it like crazy saying, "We're just friends!" or "He's younger than me, no way!" I was convinced that I didn't like him! Then one night, on our nightly walk, John tells me that he decided to leave for China to teach English as soon as he graduates. My jaw dropped!

I was sad because who would walk with me at night? Who was going to drive with me to church? But I didn't realize how sad I would be until we said goodbye to each other at the airport as he boarded a plane to China and I boarded a plane for Japan for another short term mission trip. I cried like crazy on the plane! Straight up bawling like a baby!

I didn't see him again until spring when I flew out to China to visit him. Now that I think about it, I'm kind of surprised I went out there alone, just to visit him. And the fact that my mom encouraged me to go, to see a boy, is pretty insane! Maybe we were both in denial! I really didn't go thinking, "I'm going to go see a boy I like." I really was going to see the guy I grew up with,the guy that was my carpool buddy, my running bodyguard, that younger dude.




Lookin' out from this amazing spot in Hong Kong, John confessed his undying love for me. Not really. He was so shy! But he was able to tell me that one day he'd want to marry me. I was so shocked I had no idea what to say. But that was the beginning of our dating journey! A painting of this amazing view is hanging in our living room to remind us of that day!

He finally came home 3 months later and we finally got to spend some time together in the same country as boyfriend and girlfriend! But not for long because a few weeks after he got home, we were back on a plane to China! This time it was my turn to live abroad!


From China, our whole team flew to Korea and that is where we said our goodbyes. Everyone else boarded a plane to fly back to America and I stayed behind. I stayed in Korea for a year, teaching English, and John and I continued our long-distance relationship.

John came to visit that spring and we spent our first anniversary hanging out in Korea, our motherland.


Several months later, I moved back home and we finally got to spend time together as boyfriend and girlfriend in the same country! We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in good ol' America and 4 months later he popped the question! See video here of me actin' a fool, and pictures here and here.

Picnik collage

Engaged in August, married in April!

On our third anniversary, we got married! With 450 of our (parents') closest friends! Yes. 450 guests at our wedding. Our parents went a lil crazy inviting everyone they've ever met. The church was jam packed with people! We thought about looking for different locations since the chapel was on the smaller side but we decided that since we met at that church, it only seemed right to get married there!


Picnik collage

Picnik collage




Last year, we celebrated our first year of marriage with a trip to New York! This year, we'll be sticking around here but that doesn't mean we aren't celebrating! Being married is hard work, but I love it! I love being married and I am so lucky that God has given me such an amazing sinner!

So now as we celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, we're also celebrating 5 years of dating. God works in amazing ways and he has given me a patient, kind, understanding, generous, dorky, nerdy husband who is a perfect match for me! Happy anniversary, my love!


  1. omg. such a cute post. made me cry. you guys are super adorable!

  2. hahahahah i love how he was a little chubs as a young boy!!!! i love this!!!!

  3. blessed to read this and hear about your love story and also testimony of both of your opportunities to share God's love and the Gospel. btw you said "we finally got to spend time together as boyfriend and girlfriend" 2x, Crazy that your on that big website, and neat engagement and story. Miss hanging with you guys and hope to be able to ask you guys about your overseas times when i get back. G n P

  4. I never really knew your story - it is AMAZING AND ROMANTIC AND AWESOME!!!! wow. you 2 are sooooo stinking cute and it's so cool to see how God orchestrated your lives together. Happy Anniversary!!

  5. love this! lol you guys are the best!

  6. btw- i knew it was john the moment you started talking about him. jenny knew it too!

  7. totally God's providence! love you two separately but even more together!!!! Happy Anniversary!

  8. love how God works, love your story, love how john had a chubs stage! :) God is good and such a great story-writer!! :)

  9. Ah cutest story ever!! Happy anniversary to both of u!!

  10. Guys, let's be honest - "chubs" is putting it mildly. If memory serves correctly, when I checked the BMI scale back then, I was in the "morbidly obese" category. Love you, Linda Park (especially for posting that picture)!

  11. This brought tears to my eyes. Remembering good times, especially when we talked about John's love for Linda when I was in Korea... instead of hanging out at a bar like every other Korean twenty something years old would we sat around my hotel room talking about John. LOL

    I love you guys, loved watching you guys go through this journey.

  12. What a fairy tale love story. If i do not know you guys, i would think that this story was made up. Almost like those popular Korean soaps that was dubbed in Tagalog, so romantically cute, like your mom i will allow my daughter (if i had one) to visit her knight in shining armor, too. You blessed us your reader...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Linda and John~

  13. I appreciate this post of yours so much. Love reading other people's love story especially a sister in Christ shares it. it reminds me how Awesome our Almighty Father created us individually for that special person! Thanks for sharing! Happy anniversary!