Tuesday, April 17, 2012

restin' and relaxin'

We originally planned to take a mini vacation last weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but due to some unforeseen drama, there was a slight change of plans. We spent the majority of the weekend at my mom's house but we did have a few hours away to spend some much needed alone time!

Saturday afternoon, we went out to J-town to exchange my anniversary gift that my hubz bought me. He's not really great with surprising me, but he managed to secretly go to the jewelry store where we got our wedding bands to get another band for me. So I could stack my bling! They didn't have the exact ring that I got for my wedding band so he got a loaner ring to surprise me with, but we got to go back on Saturday and I picked out something shiny and new! Another super-thin band, this time in rose gold.

Then we were off to Spitz, a few blocks down. John tried this place before, but it was my first time!


I loved loved loved the fries! The wrap was also yumz, but sweet potato fries are my favorite and this place made them just right!

We had to kill some time before we headed out to meet some friends so we found a nice little cafe to hide out in.


They had some crazy fancy coffee and it for sure wasn't a Starbucks! I asked for the sweetest drink they had, it was not sweet at all! ... I drink my coffee wayyyyy too sweet. I pretty much get a cup of sugar water with a side of coffee. John, on the other hand, is a crazy coffee drinker. His drink of choice? Coffee with shots of espresso in it! Who does that?! At his coffee place, he had some Colombian coffee, brewed with a crazy siphon. Fancy Shmancy!

Finally, it was time to meet our friends for a surprise engagement party!


We got home, slept in, then off to a brunch date!

Picnik collage

Yelp is my best friend. I found Starling Diner, with great reviews on the food and service. It was in this random residential area, and pretty crowded with the lunch crowd. We waited, and seriously, the food was worth the wait!


Too early for mimosas and screwdrivers?


We ate super fast, like crazy Koreans do, then we were off to the Long Beach flea market! The last time we were there, I practically furnished our entire house, but no such luck this time. We didn't leave with a single thing. But we still had fun oohhing and ahhhing at the random stuff.


We finished the night at the BFF's for a dumpling party!

This weekend wasn't what we originally planned, but I still had tons of fun! It was a tough week for us both, but we praise God for giving us times to just rest and enjoy each others company.


  1. i LOVE spitz! yum! :) (that ring is gorge, but i want to see your stackables!)

  2. you know why you didn't find anything at the market?!! it's cause i wasn't there telling you what to buy!!!

  3. Awh what a nice, blessed time! You two needed a nice break. Yelp is great! Lets be friends on Yelp!

  4. are you wearing mom's polo and did you curl your hair yourself? nice lips