Saturday, June 9, 2012

beautiful lengths

I did it!  I finally cut my hair!  The last time I got a trim was probably a year and a half ago and haven't gone in to see my hair lady since!  I just do not like cutting my hair. Even after a trim, I'm in a foul mood and just avoid it by tying my hair 99% of the time.  But recently, my neck has been hurting and I thought it was because my hair had gotten so long - it was getting heavy!

Two months ago, I thought, "Hey, since my hair is so long, maybe I'll donate it!" Made a hair appointment but then, of course, I chickened out! I just couldn't do it!  Then I saw this picture of sweet Daisy Love, a 2 time cancer survivor that is now battling cancer again.  She is a sweet little 7 year old, the daughter of Pastor Britt Merrick of Reality Church in Carpenteria.

As she struggles with fighting the nastiness of cancer, she is seen here smiling for the camera giving 2 thumbs up after shaving her head. How could I be so vain and idolize my hair so much when this little girl joyfully understands that life is more than nice long hair?! So convicted to the max. God used little Daisy Love to show me that hair is just that, hair.  So, I made another hair appointment and went for it!

Here are the before pictures:


Curled when we were in SLO

Actually cutting it off....



Now... AFTER!

I didn't like the way it was curled so I tied it up in a bun as soon as I got in the car

Pony tail!

Photo 198-pola
I came home and re curled/straightened it with my flat iron. 

I normally cry after a trim, but after taking off 12 inches, I was fine! Minus 1 minor anxious moment after shampooing, and having 2 major hair envy moments after seeing 2 girls with long wavy hair. Ha! I am so lucky I have a supportive husband who went with me to get my hair did, encouraged me to just go for it, and constantly reminded me that life is more than hair!

Monday afternoon, I will drop my hair off at the post office and it will be off to the wonderful people at Pantene PRO-V's Beautiful Lengths where it will be used to make a wig. The wig will generously be donated to a cancer patient that has lost her own beautiful hair.  Beautiful Lengths will need a few donations to make one wig, so go and donate your hair!

I'm sure a lovely gal will be thankful for the hair, but my neck is thankful it doesn't have support all that heavy hair now! What a win-win situation!


  1. it looks really nice! very awesome sending it in to make someone else happy!

  2. Eeeeeee!!!! Omg I know you get with your hair too!!! 잘햇어!!!

  3. Hi Linda!! Thanks for your prayers, it means a lot to me, and I really miss seeing you too! and omygosh, you cut your hair!! I would have been so nervous too (one time I cried when the person cutting my hair decided to time off 2 inches instead of 1) but it seriously turned out super cute! Can't wait to see it in person. your old hair is definitely going to make a really beautiful wig! :)