Tuesday, June 12, 2012

organizational coach

Are you a messy slob like me? Well, you need yourself an organizational coach!  I'm kind of embarrassed to put up these pictures but hopefully shaming myself will help me keep things organized next school year.

My weird co-worker, Laura, saw my messy cabinet at work and asked if she could organize it for me. Yup, she wants to organize!  We made a trade - I make her end of the year slideshow/movie, and she organizes my cabinet.  She is now my official organizational coach!

So here it is... before. My OCD mom will be shaking her head when she sees this.


Laura hard at work!


Now, presenting my newly organized cabinet!


Doesn't it look uh-mazing?!!!!!  Next project? "Let" my coach organize my house! ;)  Thanks, Laura!


  1. OMG... i would've been like your coworker and asked to organize your cabinet, too! haha! i just finished reorganizing my file cabinets- i printed sticker labels for all my manila folders and had so much fun with it! hahahaha! :)

  2. that's what my upstairs looks like right now!!!! ugh!!!!

  3. Laura is amazing! Wonder what I can trade her to come organize my class?