Saturday, June 16, 2012

father's day

My hubz is not a dad yet (he'll make a great dad some day by God's grace), and my biological dad and I have a rocky (for lack of a better word) relationship. So not much Father's Day celebrating is going on over here, besides the lunch we had today with the in-laws in the mountains.

But as a teacher, I can't just ignore Father's Day! I found this great Father's Day activity (here) and since I did something similar for Mother's Day, I thought it'd be something easy enough to do with crazy kids who are ready for summer break.

As usual, my kids had some funny things to say!






Amazing drawing, no?

I let them choose their dad's skin color from the special "skin color crayons".  I didn't have the heart to tell her that her Vietnamese dad was a little more of the peach color.

Whatever your plans may be this weekend, be safe, have fun, and eat lots! :)


  1. haha these are cute :) yeah my relationship with my dad is a bit rocky too, unfortunately. but mom always makes father's day fun despite the issues. :) hey i was wondering, how to did you remove that little white space that is usually between the navigation bar and header picture?

  2. BHAHAHAHAHA!! toooo funny!
    my fave - my dad's favorite words to say is : "bad words"
    kids are the best.