Monday, July 23, 2012

Korea - day 4

By day 4, my body had adjusted to the time difference and I was able to sleep in a little. It probably was because my body was exhausted from all the walking we had been doing for the past 3 days. 

We had plans to meet our friends Aeri and Annie, from our old church.  They are both out here teaching English and livin' it up in Korea! 



We had my fav meal in Korea, chicken kalbi. I haven't found anywhere in LA that makes it as good as they do in the motherland. So good, no joke.  The lil sis also agreed that it was one of the best meals she had here.


Then off to Caffe Bene!  When I was here several years ago, there was not a single one of these cafes. Now, there's one on every corner. Maybe even 2 on each corner! I'm not complaining! The drinks and the shaved ice (aka bingsoo) is sooooo good!  Rumor is that there is one in the works in Ktown! EXCITED!

We said our goodbyes and came back to meet the cousins for a movie date to watch Spiderman 3D.





Day 4 weather:  Hot and sticky.  What's new.  No rain, though.

Day 4 high: Going to the Korean theatre!  Love it!  The caramel corn is delish, they serve beer and dried squid, what's not to love!  I know the CGV in Koreatown is close enough, but it's just not the same! ** Side note: Never was a fan of Spiderman but I think Andrew Garfield did an amazing job.  Totally a fan.  Can't wait for the next one!

Day 4 low: My body was so tired from all the walking and being on the go from morning til night! Exhaustion started to kick in big time.

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  1. omg. dried squid, caramel corn, and beer while you watch a movie? BEST combo EVER! i am so jealous of your trip: the walking, the eating, the shopping, the endless cafes on every corner... FUN!

    ps i am also jealous of your lil sis' tan. :)