Monday, July 23, 2012

korea - day 3

Day 3 didn't start as nicely as day 1 or 2. I woke feeling really sore, had a massive headache, and a very uncomfortable (ugly) cold sore. UGH. My aunt was nice enough to take me to the doctor, which by the way, was so quick and so cheap! After the quick trip to the doctors, my aunt dropped me off in Yoido to see Pastor Kwon aka Kwon MKSN aka Holy Father and Phil.



 IMG_6258 IMG_6257

We had lunch, hung out in their office, and listened to Kwon MKSN talk about world domination. Then back home to rest up and just hang out with the cousins. We did nothing for a few hours and snacked on my fav street food - ddukbokgi with deep fried goodies!!!! So yum!!!!!


I could eat this all day, errday. At 10 pm, like party animals, we went out to visit my cousin at her work place.



She made us some frams or flams (we still don't know what how it's spelled). The menu had it written as FLAMS at the top and then FRAMS in smaller font below. Oh, Koreans. Whatever it's called, it was delish. She also served us some cold German beer to wash it all down. Yum. Yum. Yum.





 My lil sis and my lil cousins.  They look so much alike!!

Day 3 weather:  Heavy rain in the morning.  Totally cleared up by lunch.  Beautifully clear all day but still hot and sticky.  Slightly chilly at night.

Day 3 high:  Spending time with my family.  I don't get to see them often so I make sure to spend as much time with them as I can when I am here.  When I was living here on my own, my aunt and uncle took such good care of me and I feel like they are my parents here in Korea.  Back home, I think about them often and I'm so sad I can only see him once in a blue moon.  They are the kindest and most generous people in the world.  They are seriously the best. I love them to death.  My little cousins too.  Even with some minor language barriers, it's always a good time with them.

Day 3 low: Getting sick. UGH. But I didn't let that stop me from enjoying my vacation!!!!

Day 4 coming soon!


  1. i LOVE street food and that ddukbogi looks DELISH! and i LOVE koreans and their hilarious spellings and interchanging "l"s and "r"s. my mom will call it a "rand lover" (land rover) and "rorripop"... hahahahahahahaha!

  2. That ddukbboki looks out of control!