Friday, July 27, 2012

korea - day 7

Day 7, our last full day in Korea. By this time, Jenny and I were so tired from walking everywhere, dealing with the heat, and adjusting to the time difference. All we wanted was a mellow day but my mom wanted to see a few other things before heading back home. So, our "mellow" day was spent walking around Seoul with the momma.

 But first, I had another friend to meet at Caffe Bene (again)!


Meet Jacob! He was a fellow English teacher out in Korea when I was here. He introduced me to the Korean gym and would force me to work out; what a great friend.  After working out, we'd often grab dinner together. I didn't have very many friends in Korea, let alone English speaking friends, so it was nice sharing a meal with another English speaking human. He'd try his best to get me to go out to Seoul with him, until he realized I was a major hermit. :) He is still living in Korea and now is married and has an adorable chunkster son, Jude.


Said bye-bye to Jacob, then I was off to meet my mom and sis in Myoungdong. MYOUNGDONG, my fave place in Korea!


It's stinking crowded, like everywhere in Korea, but it's so much fun! Random cart vendors, great shopping stores like Zara, Uniqlo, Skin Food, and amazing street food!  It also has my favorite place - the ear piercing kiosk. This kiosk is run by this oppa that has been there forever. Whenever I am in Korea I go to the kiosk. It's just so fun to go back to the same place and I was so curious to see if the oppa was old, fat, and bald now! Ha! My cousin, who has gone with me before, was curious too! So was Jenny! He's our earring guy! But no earring guy this year because the huge mall (where he has his kiosk) was CLOSED! They close every other Monday. I didn't get the memo. So sad. Maybe next time. :(

Jenny and I rode the subway back out to the boonies aka Gwacheon, where my aunt and uncle live, while my mom stayed out there to meet her friends.

ashley As soon as we got home, we went out to our last dinner in Korea. Our aunt took us to an "American" style buffet and we stuffed our face.

 *Side note: They had all you can eat bibimbap, which I thought was interesting. I, personally, do not like bibimbap but I thought it was an interesting concept. Grab the veggies you want for bibimbap, maybe a new restaurant concept in CA?!

Moving on, that was the end of our final day in Korea!

Day 7 weather - Hot and sticky. No surprise there.

Day 7 high - Spending the day with my mom. While in Korea with her I can see that she's (noticeably) getting older. I can see a lot of my grandma in her... It was nice spending time with her, shopping in Myoungdong.

Day 7 low - Myoungdong mall closed. BAH! No ear piercing guy!