Friday, July 27, 2012

korea - day 8

I said day 7 was our last full day, but I guess technically day 8 was our last day. 

Did you know everything in Korea can delivered?! Not only the regular pizza delivery, but things like McDonald's, your dry cleaning, all the Korean food you can imagine!  Since we were so busy meeting friends and wandering around Seoul, we never got a chance to order in!  So, our last day there, my aunt ordered us nangmyeon - one of my faves when I'd go visit them on the weekends!


I don't know if it's extra delish because it's delivered or because it was in Korea... I have no idea, but it's just soooo good!

We just ate and relaxed until we had to head out to COEX to check in our stuff and catch the bus out to Incheon airport. Thanks to my elderly mother, who looked at the wrong time on our itinerary, we were 2 hours early. Ha! We ended up just wandering around the COEX (mall), shopped some more, and ate more (surprise, surprise).
Korean Chinese food
Mochi cream
Waffle sandwich

Finally got on the bus to the airport, and then from there it's all a blur. I was wayyyy tired.


 We got to the airport and ATE AGAIN! We have major problems...



In the morning, I made sure I went to 7-11 to get some yummy rice triangles for the plane ride home! They cost about 80 cents and it's a perfect little snack.  I was supposed to save them but I ended up eating it in the food court with my jjampong.


Finally on the plane and ready to go home!  Just a normal day with my mom and sister - Sister being weird and mom telling us to shut up so she can sleep.


As we waited to take off I opened up the Asiana airline magazine to find this!  It's written in Japanese so I have no idea what it says, but I could read the M Burger caption!  My friend Minki's (ex) restaurant!  Super cool!  Super proud.

Like all normal humans, I hate airplane food.  (Main reason for buying those rice triangles).  I especially hate bibimbap.  For those of you who have flown on any Korean airline, you know that they always serve bibimbap. BLEHK!  I would have to say Asiana's bibimbap is worse than Korean Air's. Yuck.  So when they presented us with the menu for our flight home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were not serving bibimbap!



The first meal served - pork wrapped in leafy greens aka bossam.  It was actually really good! The second meal was actually good too - Pork & kimchi stir fry over rice.

So, now I'm back home in the good ol' USA!  

Korea trip high:  I would say the 8 days were awesome because I got to explore Korea with my lil sister. (I stole most of her instagram pictures). We've been in Korea together when we met there flying in from other Asian countries, but we've never visited our motherland together for a vacation.

No matter where we went, people stared.  Not at me, at her!  She's the darkest Korean you will ever meet, and in a country where everyone avoids the sun like vampires, she stands out like a sore thumb.  It didn't help that she gave them something to stare at by talking really loudly in English or dancing in the subway.  She's crazy! And in a country where no one talks to strangers, we had random convos with curious people in the subway, elevator, and on the street. There was never a dull moment. Good times.  Wished my older sis could have been there too. 

Korea trip low: Not seeing Big Bang! WTH!


On a more serious note - Korea trip low: Saying bye to our adorable cousins, loving aunt, and super generous uncle.  We only see each every several years and saying bye to them is so hard. I love them so much!  They are the main reason I love going to Korea.

I already miss Korea. I know, I'm crazy but I love it there!  I can't wait to go back with my Johnny, one day, Lord-willing!  But until then, Kpop will continue to play all day at our house. Ha! Johnny thinks I'm insane, for real!  I torture him with music he hates until he takes me back - BEST IDEA EVER.

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