Wednesday, July 11, 2012

work? what's that?

lunch date

 Every morning, before John leaves for work, he asks, "Who are you having lunch with today?" I'm obsessed with lunching because I actually have the time for it!

It just so happened that some of my high school friends (AKA dbcof) were free for lunch! So, while our spouses were hard at work, we got together for lunch!  Many moons ago, Ellen and I would spend all day with these boys doing absolutely nothing. Now that we are "adults" we can't do that, so getting together for a quick lunch is so nice!

Today, I do not have a lunch date! GASP! I am actually going to stay home and clean (and save $)! What?! But tomorrow my lunch dating resumes. Then, it's time to pack and get ready for my short trip to Korea!


  1. If I had the time for lunch dates I would. Having a 30 minute break for lunch is not enough time. But I enjoy them and its good for the soul. Friendship + food = happiness!

  2. can you do my hw please? ill pay you $1 ssenks