Saturday, August 25, 2012

dining room love

Thanks to my interior decorator, aka the bff, we have our dining area set up!  We are slowing working on other spots of the house, and I'll be blogging about it soon, but I just had to share my cute dining table first.  The bff found it on craigslist and it did take some persuading on her part, since I was envisioning a nice wood table, not a pink one!  But I am so glad I listened to her!  I brought it home the next day and it looks so cute in my house.  Even the hubz loves it!

It has super cute hairpin legs and even cuter pink formica top.  We (meaning Ruby) just needs to sew some cute chair cushions to match.  The map was pulled out of a trash pile at work and was used to give some life to our old living room but now it hangs in our new dining area


This is a picture taken by my adorable hubz with his dingleberry blackberry. He was working on editing it for a while, I just had to post it.

 Anyone wanna come over for dinner?!


  1. SO CUTE. even my picky husband likes. make me food. we are coming over

  2. i want to come over! with my fiance too. lol dunno about the table though looks like i might break it!

  3. soooo cute!!!!! I love it! can't wait to see it in person

  4. i LOOOOVE it! I would have never thought to buy that table either, but it totally works. i can't wait to see your place in person!