Tuesday, August 21, 2012

mommy & me time

As I spend more time with my momma, I can tell she's getting old, which makes me want to spend even more time with her!  It's often hard to be patient with her because I am her "go to" person for everything, since we live 2 minutes away. But there are days when I just want to hang with her.

With my last week of freedom, before being engulfed in getting my classroom ready, I wanted to go visit my grams!  We don't go as often as we like, since we know she lives in heaven with our heavenly Father!  But once in a while, it's nice to sit next to her tombstone, remember her, and think about meeting her again in the new heavens and the new earth!


I tried to work on my tan but it was so ridiculously hot, we only could handle it for about 5 minutes.  We decided to just leave her flowers and skid-addle.

Our next stop, Home Depot! My mom's favorite place ever. She kept on saying, "This place is better than Disneyland!"  She has wanted a power saw for a while.  I know nothing about power saws, but I helped her pick one out for her crazy gardening needs.


She's seriously hardcore, no?

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  1. lol...... wow, a power saw, that IS hard core! your mom is so cute! this was a really sweet post, i liked it a lot :)